Naus Agriboxes member of the Dutch Packaging & Pallet Industry Association.

About EPV

Dutch producers, traders and repairers of wooden packaging, such as pallets, crates and export packaging, have united in the Dutch Packaging and Pallet Industry Association (EPV), founded in 1950. The EPV is a well-organised, modern trade association. Based on the conviction that we get more done together than alone, we work together on:
• a sustainable timber supply chain and sustainable forest management.
• the promotion of wood as a raw material for packaging.
• innovation and research in the chain.
• quality marks and partnerships.
We are also involved in the conclusion of collective labour agreements and pension agreements, represent the Dutch sector at the European level toward national and supranational government bodies, and promote innovations within industry-related themes such as fire safety and the reduction of wood dust in production processes.


EPV members

Together, the members have an 80% share of the total production of wooden pallets (for limited use and re-use), cases and crates (for vegetables, fruit and wine) and industrial and export packaging (incl. dunnage).


Mission of EPV

EPV and its members work nationally and internationally on a sustainable timber chain and international sustainable forest management. Our mission is to promote wood as a raw material for packaging, to support innovations and research in the chain and to place wood as the undisputed Number One in transport and logistics by means of quality marks and partnerships.


Sustainable wood chain

If we treat our forests and wood resources well, we can continue to use wood indefinitely. Our members are all Chain of Custody certified with the PEFC and/or FSC wood label and make high-quality products from wood from production forests. Together, we are working towards sustainability through agreements, labels and innovations in areas such as production, repair, reuse and recycling. We believe in the power of wood. Wood is the only, infinite and carbon-neutral raw material. It fits seamlessly into our pursuit of a circular economy. More and more companies are deliberately opting for sustainable wooden packaging products.