Developments Naus 2022

New direction

This year, Naus Agriboxes was acquired by a private investor. This is a stable party with years of experience as an importer and processor of wood. With this new owner, we started investing immediately and aim to improve our quality and achieve growth.

Naus Agriboxes wants to be the market leader in high-quality crates with the right price/quality ratio. We want to dominate the local & national market and are also going to make great strides internationally. We have the vision to become the number 1 in cubic boxes worldwide and want to be the platform for cubic boxes.


New corporate identity

As the basis of the change, Naus Agriboxes has adopted a new corporate identity. The colour green represents the agricultural sector and the colour orange indicates that the product is produced in the Netherlands. The font chosen is solid and the name incorporates the outline of a box.

Besides our new corporate identity, we are investing in our plant in Espel. Quality, efficiency and automation are important pillars to us.

The same faces

We may be in the midst of making many changes, but our faces remain the same.

Patrick Goosens is responsible for Sales and Operational Management. Joy Oosterhuis is the office point of contact.



In the past year, the following changes have already been implemented at the Espel site:

• Espel industrial hall fitted with new lighting and new workfloor
• Terrain at the front is going to become a meadow again
• Wood storage is all on the inside
• Terrain at the rear has already been fully repaved
• Expansion of existing machine with several robots and automatic feeders


Upcoming changes in the short term:

• Installation of an automated box assembly line
• Renewal of facade cladding